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Quality gunsmithing services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Responsible firearms owners know they must take care of their weapons to keep them in good working order. Cleaning, disassembling, and inspecting your firearms is one of the many services offered by B Line Gunsmithing of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our skilled gunsmith also can design, modify, and repair your firearms to spec. 

Full-service gunsmith shop New Mexico

From custom builds and general repairs to renovating and basic gun safety training, B Line Gunsmithing of Albuquerque is a full-service gunsmith shop. We have the professional experience to help you get the most out of your firearms. You can trust B Line Gunsmithing to build, modify, or repair your most prized firearms with reasonable turnaround times.

Gun and Gun Accessories

B Line Gunsmithing is a licensed firearms dealer. We carry a small selection of guns and gun accessories in stock and can order anything you want. Some of the most popular items we carry include:

  • AR-15s
  • Smith & Wesson 9ezs

We also have an assortment of lasers, optics, and sights available in our shop. Don’t forget to ask about our special blend of gun oil we created. It’s available for purchase on request. 

Smith and Wesson M and P Shield EZ 9mm


Smith and Wesson 357 mag Revolver With Scope


Rock Island Armory 1911 14 round double stack .45 ACP with muzzle brake and Tritian night sights


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Buy a gun kit and need some help assembling it? We’ve got you covered at B Line Gunsmithing. Bring it to us and we can have it assembled and ready for use in no time. All our build services come with a basic overview of how to clean and safely operate your new firearm.

Custom Builds

If you can dream it, we can custom build it here at B Line Gunsmithing. There’s no compromise with a custom-built firearm. You get the gun you want with all the features you desire. When we custom-build your next gun, you’re guaranteed not to be stuck with extra parts you don’t need. Our custom-build services cover:

  • AR-15s
  • Handguns
  • Rifles

You must pass a federal background check before B Line Guns can fill your request for a custom build. 

Gun Cleaning

Regular cleaning is part of responsible gun maintenance. If you want your firearm to work as intended, you must take the time to protect all its working parts. Proper maintenance can prevent:

  • Failure to eject
  • Failure to feed
  • Failure to fire
  • Residual fouling buildup
  • Rusting

Every owner’s manual comes with instructions on how to clean your firearm. If you’re uncomfortable doing the job yourself, you can bring it to our shop for the care and attention it needs. Our staff also can give you a quick primer on how to properly clean your firearm. 

General Repairs and Inspections

Even the best-maintained firearms can eventually need repairs. Whether your go-to firearm is an AR-15, antique pistol, or shotgun, we can get it in good working order again. Bore obstructions, cracks in the chamber, bolt, or buttstock, and malfunctioning safety mechanisms can all be repaired. 

Do you have an antique firearm that looks nice but doesn’t work as intended? We can take a look to determine if we can restore it to full-functioning capability. 

Part of our general repair services includes inspecting your firearm to ensure safe mechanical operation. We note all deficiencies and unsafe conditions and provide a quote for fixing them. All simple tune-ups receive a free cleaning and polish. 

Mail-in Repairs

Our gunsmithing shop is located just south of Albuquerque. We can handle mail-in repair requests from customers who live outside our service area. All mail-in orders receive the same care and handling as in-person visits. You ship us your firearm with instructions on what repairs you’d like, and we return it in good working order when we’re finished. Phone us today to make arrangements for your mail-in repair needs. 

Re-bluing smooth and tune

Protect your carbon steel barrels and receivers with our re-blowing process we use a hot blueing process to give it a factory finish. We also Color case harden receivers and small parts like triggers and hammers. We can recommend a good gun oil To help fortify the metal. I don’t do black oxide coating at this time.

Stock repairs

Broken stocks are a common problem. After every hunting season, we see an increase in hunters needing these repair services. The worst cases involve rifles and other long guns dropped from tree stands. 

Long guns need good working stocks for firing accuracy and control. If it’s chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, we can help restore it to proper working order. It takes skill and accuracy to fix a broken or damaged stock. You can trust our expert gunsmith to restore your stock to its original working order so you can get back to enjoying using it. 

About B Line Guns

B Line Gunsmithing is owned and operated by Robert Baca. With more than 16 years of experience in gunsmithing, Robert has the knowledge needed to build, maintain, and repair your firearms. A licensed firearms dealer, he also can help new and experienced gun owners find the next gun for their collection. 

As a young man, Robert inherited guns that belonged to his grandpa. He had a gunsmith tell him they weren’t worth anything, disregarding the sentimental value they held. Robert vows to treat your heirloom firearms with the respect they deserve. He enjoys bringing back guns that are destroyed or worn. He’s always sensitive to what the customer wants, whether that’s full restoration or the purchase of a replacement. 

Top-notch customer service

When you entrust your firearms to B Line Guns we promise:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Enthusiasm
  • Unparalleled education

Firearms Safety Training

Some gunsmiths quickly show gun owners how to safely load, unload, and clean their weapons. At B Line Gunsmithing, we want to make sure you have the training needed to become a responsible gun owner. 

Every gun or gun accessory purchased at B Line Gunsmithing comes with free basic firearms safety training. We teach you how to:

  • Clear malfunctions.
  • Charge and unload. 
  • Load a magazine. 

In-depth firearm safety training is available at an additional cost. We leave no question unanswered in our extended training program. If you’re interested in booking a comprehensive firearm safety session, you can request a lesson by calling or stopping by our shop.  

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