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Is It Legal To Buy A Gun From Someone?

Is it legal to buy a gun from someone in New Mexico? The answer is yes, but with some caveats. Known as private firearms or gun sales, there are certain requirements you must meet for private purchase to be lawful. 

As a rule, if you can legally buy and own a firearm in the state, then you also can sell one. However, you must have a federal firearms license or use a business that has one to complete the sale legally. We’ll talk about all the obligations you must meet later in this blog. 

What is a private gun sale in New Mexico?

You might be familiar with the process of buying a gun from a licensed gun store. Picking out the gun you’d like is the first part of the process. Providing your driver’s license and other personal information to complete a background check is the next step. You then must wait until the background check is completed and you’re approved before leaving with your weapon of choice. 

Purchasing a gun from another person in the state of New Mexico is a private gun sale, which is handled a bit differently. 

A gun sale is considered private when someone who is not a licensed gun dealer sells a gun to another person who also is not a licensed gun dealer. All 50 states have their own laws about private gun sales. The federal government also has provisions in place governing these types of firearm exchanges. 

Are private gun sales legal in New Mexico?

The short answer to this question is yes. Private gun sales are legal in New Mexico under state laws and published ordinances. Chapter 30, Article 1 states that a federal background check is required for all gun sales, including between private individuals. 

If a firearm seller in New Mexico doesn’t hold a valid and current firearms license, the seller must find one to complete the transaction. Here is how the process looks:

  • The private seller locates a licensed firearms dealer and arranges to use their services. 
  • The private seller and buyer meet with the licensed firearms dealer. 
  • The firearms dealer conducts the state and federally required background checks on the buyer. 

There is a processing fee for completing the background check during a private firearm sale. Licensed firearm dealers charge up to $35 for the background check. B Line Guns is a licensed firearms dealer and can help facilitate the background checks for private sales. 

Can I buy a gun as a gift in New Mexico?

You might be wondering if you can give or receive a gun as a gift in New Mexico. Again, the short answer to that question is yes. However, as with other kinds of private gun sales, you must follow certain regulations when gifting a firearm to a friend or loved one. 

There are two ways you can go about giving a gun as a gift in New Mexico. First, you can buy the firearm and go through the background check yourself. Then, you simply complete a private sale transfer using a licensed firearm dealer when giving the gun to the intended recipient. 

A second option is to have the person you intend to give the gun to accompany you to the store for its purchase. Then, the recipient can undergo the background check at the time of purchase, eliminating the second step in the first option above. If you do it this way, only the person receiving the gun must undergo a background check. 

Does New Mexico have a gun registry?

Firearms don’t have to be registered in New Mexico. The state does not have an official gun registry. Once background checks are completed, your information is removed from the system. However, if you want to carry a concealed, loaded handgun, you must apply for a concealed carry permit. 

Separate requirements are in place for concealed carry permits, including a minimum age of 21 and the completion of a firearms safety training course. 

Where can I get a background check for a private gun sale?

In New Mexico, you have several options for getting a background check for a private gun sale. One of those options is to seek out a licensed firearm dealer to conduct the required background check. B Line Guns is a licensed firearms dealer

Our staff can assist with all the state and federal requirements for completing a legal private gun sale. Be sure to follow the proper and legal procedures during your private gun sales by contacting us today. 

How to Choose a Gunsmith in Albuquerque

Finding a reputable gunsmith in Albuquerque doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Services offered by a gunsmith can range from $35 to several hundred dollars, so you want to choose wisely. So, how do you know you’ve found a good one? 

Trustworthy gunsmiths in Albuquerque can help you with all your firearms needs. They can provide references from satisfied customers for their cleaning, refinishing, repair, and other services. 

What is a gunsmith?

A gunsmith is a skilled tradesperson who designs, builds, modifies, renovates, and repairs all kinds of firearms. Their duties can vary by trade and by their employer. Some gunsmiths are self-employed, so they can set their own rules and services. 

Gunsmiths use specialized equipment and machinery to complete their work for customers. Sometimes they must create new or modify existing tools to get the job done. 

Are there different types of gunsmiths?

There are different types of gunsmiths. You’ll want to choose the kind that specializes in your specific needs. Sometimes gunsmiths fall into more than one category. 

Basic repair and restoration

Basic repair and restoration are the largest fields of gunsmithing in Albuquerque. This type of gunsmith does exactly what the name suggests. They specialize in fixing, mending, or restoring firearms. Services may include treating metal services and stock refinishing. 

Gunsmiths in Albuquerque within this category also can:

  • Install recoil pads and work on the trigger. 
  • Improve the performance of your guns. 
  • Mount and adjust scopes. 

Cosmetic enhancement

Cosmetic enhancement gunsmiths in Albuquerque handle the stylistic features of your gun. They can engrave the metal, replace factory wood with custom-made materials, and carve the wood on a gun to add personality. Gunsmiths are usually skilled in either engraving or stock work, but rarely both. 

Custom modification

Custom modification gunsmiths are the most plentiful in Albuquerque. As far as the services that fall into this category, they include anything custom added to your firearm that didn’t come from the factory. It includes adding specialized stocks or scopes and blueing. 

Does a gunsmith in Albuquerque need federal licensing & insurance?

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives requires all gunsmiths to be licensed to conduct business in New Mexico. Other requirements include liability insurance. 

B Line Guns is a licensed dealer in New Mexico. If you need a reputable gunsmith in Albuquerque, we’re both insured and licensed. 

Do gunsmiths offer firearms training?

Some gunsmiths in Albuquerque offer firearms training. B Line Guns is one of them.  We instruct gun owners on how to safely load and unload their weapons. You also can learn how to clean your weapon responsibly to prevent injury to yourself and others. 

When you buy a gun from B Line Guns, we provide free basic firearm safety training that teaches you how to:

  • Charge and unload. 
  • Clear malfunctions. 
  • Load a magazine. 

If you need more intensive training, let us know. For an additional cost, we can customize your lessons to ensure you feel confident using your firearms. 

How do you check a gunsmith’s reputation? 

One of the best ways to ensure you’re working with a reputable gunsmith in Albuquerque is to check their references. Previous customers often give the most reliable and honest reviews on their Google My Business profile.

Make sure you ask for references or reviews from customers who have had the gunsmith perform similar services for their firearms. Just because a gunsmith says they can customize your stock doesn’t mean they have the experience. It’s best to know before you entrust them with your firearms, especially if they’re family heirlooms. 

B Line Guns makes references readily available to prospective customers. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to provide you with whatever you need to feel comfortable doing business with us. 

Finding the best gunsmith in Albuquerque

You can trust B Line Guns with builds, custom builds, gun cleaning, general repairs, and inspections, re-bluing smooth and tune, stock repairs, and even mail-in repairs. Give us a call at 505-525-7124 or request information online

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